The Damuth family has a history dating back 150 years with the Longhorn, Brahma and other breeds. We all worked with the cows at early ages whether we wanted to or not.


In 1982 Bo and Dorie's love of the longhorns started the Flying D Ranch when they began to acquire registered cows and bulls from the most trusted and traditional bloodlines. Utilizing Damuth family ranch lands that were still intact, the Magnolia Texas Ranch grew and has helped many breeders start and improve their herds throughout Texas and the southwest.


The ranch has had many successful show cattle and has always supported the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo with active involvement and commitment. We also work with the NASA Longhorn Project, a partnership between schools in Clear Lake and the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association by donating show cattle.


Suburban sprawl, along with the death of Bo Damuth, began to take a toll on the Magnolia operations. However, this same expansive pressure also enabled the ranch to sell properties and acquire more suitable ranch land at our present location in Eustace, Texas. Except for a small home herd still with Dorie, the old cattle will live out their lives in their new pastures along with new and proven bloodlines we have brought to the ranch. We now have a variety of heifers, bulls, cows and trophy steers available for sale and invite you to come and visit.


With the popularity and common sense of healthy eating, many longhorn breeders now offer a line of quality grass-fed lean beef for sale. We sell it from one package of hamburger meat to a whole hanging steer.


The longhorn continues to be an important element in the Damuth family and we share and encourage the same for others who have that interest or just like good meat. Come see us, we are easy to find!